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Hosted by Kaitlyn Young

Welcome to 'The Daily Dose,' a vibrant podcast for entrepreneurs seeking that extra edge in their business journey.

Each episode, we bring in renowned business experts who share their valuable insights, strategies, and experiences.

Our guests range from successful startup founders to seasoned business strategists, offering diverse perspectives and actionable advice.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your enterprise, 'The Daily Dose' is your go-to source for a daily boost of entrepreneurial wisdom.

About Kaitlyn Young

Kaitlyn Young

Founder, Social Media Doctor LLC.

Kaitlyn is the Founder & CEO of Social Media Doctor. In addition she is a proud member of the leadership team at Iconic Alliance, and 2-time Best-Selling author.

She has been in the business world since the time she was 18, and through her combined years of experience, extensive mentorship, and impactful business relationships, she has been able to grow SMD while helping numerous businesses flourish.

Kaitlyn has been married to her husband Scott since 2017, and currently lives in their home in Grand Rapids with their adorable cats and dogs!