The Story Of The Social Media Doctor

And How It Came To Be...

When our owner Kaitlyn Young decided to form Social Media Doctor, she was looking to solve the problem of non-personable social media services.

You see, she had seen so many businesses hire social media managers, (both in house and remote) that didn't take the time to get to know the owner, the brand, their core values, the voice of the company, or its employees!

Not only does this cause a generic look online that does not sell or attract the right audience, it actually REPELS people and potential clients because of the lack of authenticity!

Now more than ever people buy from brands that they know, like, and trust. This means letting viewers in to see some of their personal life, whats happening at the office, and letting unique qualities shine!

That is why Social Media Doctor was born in March of 2022, after Kaitlyn had obtained 8 years of experience in business, management, media, and leadership through out her other career opportunities.

She set out on a mission to help business owners get the right audiences following them and to help their businesses flourish!

Since then, we have worked with multiple big name brands, businesses, and movements to help them grow and to get their authentic message out to the right people with the right words and videos!

Our Core Values

Raw And Real Integrity:

We keep our word, if we can't we follow through,

we do the work to make it right!

Always Get Back Up:

When we make a mistake, we own it, we fix it, and

we learn so we don't make that mistake again!

Respect Every Individual:

Every person we interact with, every company we represent,

and every action we take will respect ourselves and the others

we are interacting with!

Everyone Benefits:

This means our clients get the results, we get paid and

everyone wins. We make our Clients, our Employees,

and the communities missions our own!


Kaitlyn Young - Owner

Kaitlyn is the Owner of Social Media Doctor, proud member of the leadership team at Iconic Alliance, 2 time best selling author, and Affiliate for Smart Marketing CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Kaitlyn Has been in the business world in one form or another since the time she was 18 and through her combined years of experience, the mentorship she has received, and the relationships she has made, she has been able to grow her own business as well as help multiple businesses flourish.

Kaitlyn has been married to Scott Young Since 2017, and currently lives in their home in Grand Rapids with their adorable cats and dogs!


Brianne Adams

Chief Operating Officer

Brianne is not only our Chief Operating Officer but also a complete and utter badass business owner and is involved in some of the top projects for large Entrepreneurs! This girl does it all!

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